Am I Miles Finch?

This might be my favorite client comment EVER

So why would an established business or nonprofit ever consider bringing in an outside agency?

Here’s a little secret………. the clients who spend the most time with us typically have the largest internal marketing teams.

Here are the top 3 reasons we see large organizations offboarding tasks to our agency:

1. Your team is overwhelmed

Your internal marketing team spends their days in the day-to-day operations of your organization. They post on social media, coordinate asset capture, communicate with clients/donors, etc. They are very, very busy. They don’t always have the time, or energy to meet with sales representatives to plot and place media. They don’t always have the time to deal with reputation management, or the skills to write meaningful content. A good leader recognizes the talent in the people they hire and empowers them in their roles. Sometimes that means off-boarding other things so that their team’s strengths shine and the organization gets to reap the benefit.

2. Your team is stuck in a rut

Because your team is entrenched in the day-to-day tasks, it can be really difficult to see the bigger picture. They don’t always analyze their messaging or branding from that global perspective and, over time, your branding can fall apart. They may also be concerned about offending others when they see issues, and sometimes they just need an outsider to validate their opinions.

3. Your team understands the importance of outside perspective and collaboration

Magic happens when we meet with each other. Collaboration brings all of our individual experiences to the table and when we share our perspective with each other, we are able to refine strategy, content, and creativity to make something that is so much better than it would have been had it been created in a vacuum.

Though there are times when your marketing team needs to be replaced, it’s much more common that they simply need the support to do their job well.

So yes, maybe we are Miles Finch in a way – but is that really a bad thing?

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