Clients love us…. here’s why.

We’re incredibly good at helping you understand and develop your brand.

We’ve been called “marriage counselors” “mediators” and “therapists” and we sort of love that. What we’ve learned is most people know who they are internally, but they’re not the best at communicating that to the  world. We bring out the core of who you are, pair that with your ideal customer, client or donor and share that message in a way that speaks to them.

Things we are

really good at

Things we are really good at


The world is becoming much more visual.
In order to compete, you need to stand out.

Video and photo asset creation and/or coordination
Digital ad creative
Traditional ad creative
Website design
Content Creation


You can have the best product or service but if it’s not communicated well, it will fail.

Media releases
Brand management
Public relations
Content creation 
Email marketing
Traditional media
Direct mail
Website content


We work on your business so you can work in your business. Some call us “marriage counselors,” therapists, or mediators and we don’t hate that.

Brand development
Business development
Fundraising strategy
Marketing strategy
Brand cohesion

Business Consultation

Your brand is established, your marketing plan has been executed (and the money has been spent) but you still aren’t seeing the return on investment.

What is going on?

What we often see is something in this funnel is broken. And we can keep throwing money at your marketing budget but if something is broken – your sales process, client/donor retention, or if there is a toxic work environment, or other internal issues – your return will never be what it could be.

Let’s be clear…..This is NOT for everyone.

Business Consultation is not for organizations that want a yes man. Learning and addressing your weaknesses can be a difficult and painful process and there will be challenging decisions that have to be made. But making necessary changes will improve your conversions and help you become the company you want to be.

Ways we can help:

  1. Sales Development
  2. Business Processes
  3. Getting the right people on the bus, in the right seats, moving the right direction.
  4. Workforce Strategy and Development
  5. Business Administration and Management
  6. Nonprofit Leadership and Board Development

But first, we need to throw away the books, and fire the high-priced consultant who got you nowhere.

We’re not like other consultants. We won’t take you through a book or guide you in theory. We have real world experience starting and managing 10 for profit and non-profit organizations. We have served on over 20 boards and government commissions that delivered services and fixed problems. We have also consulted and done the marketing for hundreds of businesses. This gives us a wide range of knowledge and expertise to help you fix what’s stopping you from greater success. Plus, we don’t believe you’re like anyone else – so why would we treat you like everyone else?

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Business Consultation Process

Discovery Meeting

We aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok. This meeting may feel a bit like a first date (without the awkward silences). We need to make sure we are a compatible match and evaluate your concerns. We want to hear you and listen more than we talk, so we will ask a lot of questions – and some may make you uncomfortable as we dig into the issues.


We take what we learn and come up with an execution plan based on your needs and our evaluations. We will draft a proposal, delineating what we will do, what it will cost and the timeline for execution

Internal Evaluation

We will need to meet with key stakeholders in your company and assess critical action points in order to make recommendations moving forward. We may also want to meet with key people to evaluate them and what they do as part of the process.


This is a continual process throughout. We need to make sure the changes we make have a tangible impact on your organization.

We’re strategic and intentional about everything we do.

Strategy is critical. Intentionality is essential. Strategy without intentionality is useless and intentionality without strategy is pointless. Everything we do is guided by strategy. Nothing is ever one-size fits all with our clients.
We listen to you, and take the time to deeply understand your pain points and aspirations. 
We carry out your plans with precision and excellence.
We analyze every detail until we get exactly what we want in order to accomplish the intended purpose.

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