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What is an Agency of Record and why would I want one?

An Agency of Record is a marketing agency that is given permission to make buying decisions on your behalf. There are 2 primary benefits to signing an Agency of Record agreement. 1. It eliminates the hassle of having to deal with pushy salespeople. Traditional and digital media representatives are trying to meet their quotas and, once you advertise, they all come out of the woodwork seeking your business! If you enjoy taking calls and meeting with dozens of sales people trying to pitch you their product, then we may not be right for you. But if you want to focus on your business, then you may benefit from hiring a marketing firm that will take the sales calls and meetings and weed through everything to present only the options that are optimized to reach your exact target audience. 2. Agencies can often (or should be able to) negotiate a better rate, so you never have to pay rack card price. In addition, AORs are paid through the representative, which means you never absorb a fee from this transaction (it’s a total win-win).

What does it mean that you are a “full service” agency?

A full-service agency has the ability to both create AND execute full-spectrum (traditional and digital) marketing plans. Not all marketing agencies are capable of that and many specialize in either traditional OR digital media. We are equally versed in both and very capable of handling aggressive marketing campaigns.

A lot of radio stations and TV stations offer digital marketing services. Is it the same thing you are able to offer?

No. It’s important to note that most of these programs are white labeled and run through another agency. We are entirely transparent and never white label partners. Traditional media buyers also never disclose their actual ad spend budget. If you want to know the difference between us, ask that question to both of us and see how we add up. Most traditional buyers are excellent at traditional, but have little to no understanding or experience with digital. They won’t be able to answer your questions, and likely won’t understand how to interpret your reports or flex when needed. We get digital, and we believe in research and flexibility when it comes to digital campaigns.

We just need someone to run our social media account. Is that something you do?

Social media is SO important. Most people ignore this because the engagement is typically low, so that often signals to them that it doesn’t matter. Current marketing research shows just the opposite. Consumers now use social media, along with your website and reviews, to qualify a business. They want to see something there that they know they can’t find anywhere else. Because this is so critical, we believe the best social media managers are internal team members. Though we often do manage social media accounts, our goal is to train someone to take that over and provide ongoing strategy and oversight to support that role.

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